We do the best we can, with the best we have.


We take our responsibility to the environment incredibly seriously here at Upholstrei. 

Contemporary furniture methods and materials commonly used today were born from the industrial revolution.

What does this mean? Like all revolutionary inventions, the new ways of the industrial revolution brought about ingenious designs. But they also bred en masse production and corner cutting to benefit the infamous ‘bottom line’.

Cotton, coconut fibre, feathers and nature’s fabrics were (mostly) replaced with foam (polyurethane) and fabrics which also have long poly-something names that sound suspiciously like weapons in chemical warfare.

So, how does this affect a small-but-mighty upholstery studio? MASSIVELY.

We’ve made a considered choice to only use the BEST foundations and fabrics to ensure that Upholstrei pieces will last the test of time. And, wherever possible, we use traditional methods (springs, jute, twine) to further reduce our impact on the environment.

There’s no disputing that recycling furniture by reviving its foundations and fabric can help us create a more environmentally conscious world. 

But we aren’t here to greenwash you. The truth is, nothing that’s man-made is truly “sustainable”.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard to do the best we can, with the best we have.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do—our best. For our environment, our future generations and our wonderful customers.