Furniture upholstery quotes & engagement process


1. Send through photos and/or plans

Do this by filling in your details via the contact section of the Upholstrei website. Other upholsters may ask you to send them via email or text.

If you do not have photos, for example, you are seeking a quote for a daybed cushion, you will need to send through the approximate dimensions.

Within your enquiry, please include some details so that we can best understand what you’re after. For example;

  • Do you have a particular fabric, style or colour in mind?
  • Do you think the internal foundations need work. Has the foam lost its oomph? Do you think there’s an animal living in there?
Just checking you’re still with me.


2. Wait patiently to receive the initial estimate via email and if you’re happy with it, book an appointment to view fabric samples.

Upholstrei estimates are based on fabric priced at AU $60 per metre which is the average cost of good quality upholstery grade fabric.

We use premium quality upholstery foam and foundation materials, so unless stipulated prior, all quotes will be based on the best quality available.

Most upholsterers can direct you to fabric suppliers websites and order samples for you if their showroom doesn’t have what you’re after.

Upholstrei recommends the following fabric suppliers click here

Friendly reminder: Be conscious
Quality + Expertise + Personalised service
= a higher price point.


3. Once a fabric is chosen the estimate will be amended to reflect the price of the fabric and the quote sent to you via email.

If you have any questions,
pls holler ☼


4. To proceed with the quote, a deposit of 50% of the total price will need to be received and popped into the account mentioned in the quote.

Preferably before happy hour.


5. Your fabric will then be ordered.

Once your fabric is received and your furniture has waited its turn we will pick it up ready for transformation.

Pick up of your furniture depends on how long your fabric takes to get to sunny Newcastle, and how many customers are ahead of you.

We'll keep you posted with a realistic wait time.


6. Magic happens

We take the utmost care and consideration when transforming your furniture. We need time to make sure that furniture leaves us looking like a gazillion bucks.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your furniture. We don’t, however have a workshop as big as Rome so while your furniture is with us we’ll be working on it around the clock to get it back to you ASAS (As Soon As Sit-able)

Remainder of payment when you are 100% happy.
Reioni & the Upholstrei team